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Chapter 1220 – Venusian Dungeon cycle famous
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Under the front door was really a hexagonal home. In the midst of the space withstood a metal sculpture that has been 4 to 5 meters large.
“What’s going on between you and Gu Dian?” Zhou Wen asked.
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Zhou Wen sent back to your momentary room Hui Haifeng possessed arranged for him. He took out his phone and pointed out that he experienced successfully downloaded the Venusian instance dungeon. It needed far less time than he acquired envisioned.
Hui Haifeng nodded. “I roughly suspected it. You happen to be Human Sovereign, correct? The sizing wouldn’t allow your eradicating of Di Tian relaxation. In case you hadn’t died, previous times five years wouldn’t happen to be so tranquil. On the other hand, with Teacher’s identity, he probably wouldn’t just permit you to pass on for 5 years. There has to be some plan, right?”
Working with Human being Sovereign’s strength, he attempted to forcefully break with the entry ways, but he been unsuccessful. The precious metal establishing was unimaginably hard. Just a Terror-grade potential couldn’t injury it.
“It’s not amusing in any respect.” Zhou Wen was somewhat shifted. Despite the fact that he did not have these kinds of lofty aims, it did not prevent him from appreciating this kind of human being.
“I want to ensure that there are you can forget about orphans nowadays,” Hui Haifeng stated really. “You may find it ridiculous, so i know that this is almost a hopeless target, however want to give it a try.”
Hui Haifeng said jealously, “Teacher really dotes to you essentially the most. 5 years to get a 100 years. Basically If I acquired a whole lot time, I may have even created a Calamity-standard dimensional serum.”
A Strength Crystal lowered. Just before Zhou Wen could get it, a doorway made an appearance on each one of the six the wall surfaces of the hexagonal room. A multitude of Stainless steel Guards rushed in with pistols at your fingertips.
Within his left hand, he was actually carrying a weapon. Regardless of how he viewed it, the weapon searched much like a submachine gun but it really looked much more technologically enhanced. Your system with the pistol has also been vivid silver aluminum.
“What’s occurring between you and Gu Dian?” Zhou Wen requested.
Zhou Wen did not ask further more. This wasn’t his area of expertise. He couldn’t support Hui Haifeng with everything, so questioning was unproductive.
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The bullets. .h.i.t the wall membrane and quite a few attack the Metallic Guards, nonetheless they quickly melted in the the wall surfaces or Metallic Guards. They didn’t harm by themselves.
Hui Haifeng nodded. “I roughly thought it. You are Human being Sovereign, ideal? The dimension wouldn’t let your killing of Di Tian relax. When you hadn’t passed away, previous times five-years wouldn’t have already been so serene. However, with Teacher’s identity, he probably wouldn’t just assist you to pass away for five-years. There should be some system, appropriate?”
Zhou Wen realized that an front door that couldn’t be exposed necessary a particular strategy to enter.
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Hui Haifeng nodded. “I roughly guessed it. You might be Individual Sovereign, ideal? The sizing wouldn’t let your killing of Di Tian remainder. For those who hadn’t died, previous times 5yrs wouldn’t are so calm. However, with Teacher’s style, he probably wouldn’t just permit you to die for 5yrs. There has to be some structure, perfect?”
“What’s taking between you and Gu Dian?” Zhou Wen questioned.
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Zhou Wen handled the blood vessels-decorated avatar and teleported to the rear of the metal sculpture. He slashed down along with the Asura Saber on his fretting hand, splitting the precious metal sculpture into two.
Pursuing that, Zhou Wen noticed the spear from the steel statue’s hands spew fire on the bloodstream-shaded avatar. A lot of aluminum bullets spewed out with an amazing pace.
“How do you know that I wasn’t usually the one at Chess Mountain peak?” Zhou Wen asked in shock. For Hui Haifeng to accurately say five-years was obviously not much of a wilderness reckon.
Hui Haifeng’s alternation in att.i.tude kept Zhou Wen at a loss whether to have fun or cry. “Now that you’ve almost done it, so how does it really feel to be president?”
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“It’s not interesting by any means.” Zhou Wen was somewhat migrated. Even though he didn’t have this kind of lofty goals and objectives, it didn’t avoid him from admiring a real person.
After tapping start the Venusian example dungeon, the bloodstream-tinted avatar quickly came out at the top base of the hemispherical steel setting up. It was possibly the entry ways to the metal establishing, however it did not wide open.
“Some fellows don’t would like me to acquire too near to Gu Dian, or quite, they don’t desire me to obtain too near the undercover marketplace, so this occured,” Hui Haifeng mentioned vaguely, but Zhou Wen still realized.
In their left-hand, he was really keeping a weapon. However he looked at it, the tool searched just like a submachine rifle but it checked more technologically enhanced. Your system of the rifle was also vibrant silver stainless steel.
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Zhou Wen delivered to the non permanent bedroom Hui Haifeng had established for him. He required out his phone and saw that he got successfully downloaded the Venusian example dungeon. It needed far less time than he experienced dreamed.
“Sort of. Time pa.s.sed very slowly in the place where I found myself stuck. It experienced like over a hundred years acquired pa.s.sed,” Zhou Wen reported
Hui Haifeng bought Zhou Wen to stay in and wait around for him to return for lunch.
“Then why are you will still the president?” Zhou Wen inquired in puzzlement.
Hui Haifeng nodded. “I roughly guessed it. That you are Human being Sovereign, appropriate? The measurement wouldn’t just let your killing of Di Tian relaxation. In the event you hadn’t died, the last 5yrs wouldn’t are so serene. Nonetheless, with Teacher’s individuality, he probably wouldn’t just assist you to pass on for several years. There should be some program, ideal?”
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He tried using by using Truth Listener and Eyeballs of Penetration, but he failed to see what was going on within the metal setting up.

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