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Let Me Game in Peace
landing in the fantastic world

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1068 – : Exchange for the Elixir of Immortality hobbies uninterested
Zhou Wen remarked that Jade Rabbit’s intelligence wasn’t great. At most, it turned out at the quantity of a son or daughter. His heart stirred as he said to the Jade Rabbit having a grin, “How relating to this? I’ll trade the jade pack for all of your Elixirs of Immortality.”
Jade Rabbit’s face showed challenging. Last but not least, as if it had composed its imagination, it lengthy its paws and gestured a two in front of Zhou Wen.
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Zhou Wen was excited.
“Alright, I can supply you with the jade container and jade pestle, but it is important to produce the Elixir of Immortality.” Zhou Wen got no use for the jade package, so he could too change it with Jade Rabbit.
Jade Rabbit hugged the gemstone cooking pot and shook its go similar to a rattle drum. Its physique stored retreating since it investigated Zhou Wen as if it was checking out a burglar.
After a little calculation, Jade Rabbit noticed it was worth the money. As a result, it nodded happily and given the stone cooking pot to Zhou Wen.
Zhou Wen did not determine if the jade container got something concerning the Jade Rabbit over the moon. In the end, legends were definitely only stories. Quite a few legends ended up just far-fetched.
Jade Rabbit seemed unwilling mainly because it considered Zhou Wen as well as the jade container within his hands. Lastly, it nodded completely.
The Faith of Men
“Where would you put the Elixir of Immortality?” Zhou Wen couldn’t guide but heave a sigh of remedy as he discovered Jade Rabbit nod.
“Give me several of the Elixir of Immortality and I’ll give back the jade pestle for your needs,” Zhou Wen said to the sobbing Jade Rabbit on a lawn.
Zhou Wen noticed that Jade Rabbit’s knowledge wasn’t great. At most, it was at the level of a young child. His cardiovascular system stirred because he thought to the Jade Rabbit by using a teeth, “How regarding this? I’ll trade the jade box for your Elixirs of Immortality.”
When Jade Rabbit saw the jade field, it nodded immediately and discontinued crying.
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When Jade Rabbit observed that, it extensive its paw and counted as though it was subsequently computing some thing.
Zhou Wen was happy.
Jade Rabbit immediately has become troubled when it spotted the jade pestle taken away. It endured on the side of the hill and shouted and jumped at Zhou Wen like it was actually harmful him to return the jade pestle or it would consume him.
When Jade Rabbit spotted the jade carton, it nodded immediately and discontinued crying.
Zhou Wen directed on the rock container and claimed, “I want all of the Elixirs of Immortality.”
A crystalline dietary supplement rolled right out of the stone container. It absolutely was the magnitude of a baby’s fist and produced a robust osmanthus aroma. The aroma could go through the safety from the s.p.a.ce fit, making it possible for Zhou Wen to odour the fragrance.
The band-shaped hill was much like a plaything version in front of Jade Rabbit, whilst Zhou Wen and firm had been ants inside toy.
Zhou Wen given the jade pack over to acquire the natural stone cooking pot. He checked within and even, there was 3 drugs on the inside. All of them were definitely jade-white-colored and produced a strong osmanthus perfume. Just consuming the scent built him really feel restored just like he was approximately to take flight and ascend.
He compared the jade box while using jade pestle and seen that the type of material have been very equivalent.
Jade Rabbit utilized its paw to motion 3. Only then managed Zhou Wen understand that there were clearly only a few Elixirs of Immortality.
Section 1068: Change for your Elixir of Immortality
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When Jade Rabbit found that Zhou Wen was departing the band-shaped hill, it cried out once again. Its entire body rapidly shrank back to its original size because it rolled on a lawn and cried.
After a little calculation, Jade Rabbit felt it was worthwhile. Consequently, it nodded happily and handed the jewel pot to Zhou Wen.
“Hear me out. Just address it as departing the Elixirs of Immortality with me. At some point, follow me and assist me to perform some insignificant things if at all possible. I’ll look after your drink and food. In case you perform well, I’ll go back one Elixir of Immortality for you. When you perform well and create me content, I’ll return two Elixirs of Immortality. Most likely you may even restore all three Elixirs of Immortality. What do you think?” Zhou Wen said to Jade Rabbit.
Zhou Wen directed for the gemstone container and claimed, “I want the many Elixirs of Immortality.”
“Don’t you wish the jade box and jade pestle?” Zhou Wen waved the jade box looking at Jade Rabbit and tempted it.
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When Jade Rabbit observed that Zhou Wen was actually causing the engagement ring-formed mountain peak, it cried out just as before. Its entire body rapidly shrank to its original size the way it rolled on a lawn and cried.
He casually exposed the jade field and suddenly been told a whoosh. The jade pestle, that even Seven Seas Dragon Emperor couldn’t move, actually relocated by itself and flew in to the jade container.
The Humors of Falconbridge
Jade Rabbit hugged the stone pot and shook its brain like a rattle drum. Its system kept retreating the way it considered Zhou Wen just like it was subsequently taking a look at a intruder.
Chapter 1068: Trade for that Elixir of Immortality
Zhou Wen required out your jade carton and inquired Jade Rabbit, “You want this pack?”
“Where have you set the Elixir of Immortality?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but heave a sigh of pain relief as he observed Jade Rabbit nod.
The gemstone hut was simple and easy crude, as if it was subsequently built from a barbarian. It did not seem everything distinctive. Also, the stone doorway was protected in dust, making it appearance uninhabited.

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