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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

NovelMy Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium SeclusionMy Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion
Chapter 200 – Entering The Jade Pool Again envious pathetic
“Can’t you appear?” Ao Longyu expected Jiang Lan softly.
If he wasn’t her fiancé, she wouldn’t have let him in.
It seemed that signing in right here was no not the same as signing in inside the Netherworld Cave.
It was actually best for his farming.
“I truly feel a bit, but it shouldn’t be described as a problem.” Right after responding to the problem, Jiang Lan got a step onward.
Nevertheless, he failed to ignore his spell methods.
If the root passes away, the worm passes away.
“Can’t you arise?” Ao Longyu inquired Jiang Lan softly.
Then, he squatted down to check if its root was still there.
He just did not determine what Senior citizen Sister Ao would think of this. Naturally, it was actually simpler for him to teach her inside the 9th Summit if he needed to.
“That’s true too.”
Jiang Lan nodded a little in agreement.
The Jade Swimming pool was really a unexplainable area, so Jiang Lan didn’t know very well what Ao Longyu needed to do. Most likely to be a G.o.ddess, she got exclusive rights.
Ao Longyu required a step lower back, having Jiang Lan see whether he could enter.
“That’s true as well.”
How could he evaluate environmental surroundings and garden soil if he couldn’t even enter into the Jade Pool area?
Over time, he would try to get into the Accurate Immortal world.
“Junior Sibling, take a look at me.”
“Use your dragon roar.”
It looked like there was the best way.
There was clearly a withered plant near to the benefit.
Jiang Lan considered Ao Longyu with uncertainty. Then, he observed the regular Ao Longyu diminishing once again.
“It is like there’s an impossible chasm in the center. It is no range growth and there’s absolutely no way to me to interrupt it.”
“Then think about Junior Brother telephone calls me Xiao Yu inside my typical shape if you find yourself comfortable with it?” Xiao Yu required in the discussing tone.
Then, he squatted down to see if its underlying was still there.
She could also sensation the denial. From the moment she became the G.o.ddess, no one else experienced stepped into the Jade Area with the exception of her.
[Immortal Substance Tablet: It includes real immortal potential. You can soak up its immortal electricity to recoup. One can possibly also enable the immortal potential stream through every one of your meridians to enhance one’s cultivation point.]
Certainly, there is another this means, which had been that he or she only allow him to type in while he was her fiancé.
Then, he squatted down to see if its basic was still there.
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“I’m proceeding to take a look at this plant,” Jiang Lan reported.
“Can’t you come about?” Ao Longyu required Jiang Lan gently.
That was feasible.
If the lighting completely covered him, Ao Longyu lowered her hand.
He obtained wandered surrounding the other summits several times. He possessed found out that the battle between dragons and the demons was about to end, as a result it wouldn’t be prior to the dragons arrived.
Then, she added in.

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