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I, Who had Arrived in Another World, Will Live As I Like With My Hypnosis Ability (The Girls who will become Lewd Female Toilets)
Guild Wars

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Chapter 316 – Experience Farming 1 talk lonely
Resilience: 50,000/50,000
When Eva discovered what Steven explained to her to Sanji, he immediately became fired up, and Eva could realize why. Naturally, the most important weak point for this Developed Imagination area was the absence of technologies.
Brief description: This talisman was developed through the condensed heart and soul on the Heaven’s Eyeball, a mystical remaining that occasionally emerges on the globe to clean all evil.
Get ranked: Exceptional
Get ranking: Scarce
Results: Velocity boost +15Percent, Evasion improve +15%」
Absolutely free Movement
Get ranked: Famous
Rank: Epic
– With 4 pieces prepared: +ten percent Energy
As a result of very low quantities, guilds would brutally fight over owners.h.i.+p for these zones, when they needed these to coach their members. Which has been why most higher-Ranked participants through the preceding timeline were from guilds.
Chapter 315 – Learning ability 2
Get ranking: Famous
Considering such as this, Eva inspected her latest items in totality.
Chapter 315 – Learning ability 2
Pa.s.sive 1 – Ruler of Noct: All features are increased by 70Per cent once the lightweight with the sun fails to effect the individual. Each episode that lands over the person features a 30Per cent chance to pass up despite its reliability.
Rank: Uncommon
– With 4 portions equipped: +10% Staying power
Stability: 50,000/50,000
Section 315 – Learning ability 2
Eva noticed Sanji’s name look beside Field-0001 simply because it turned out to be environmentally friendly. She smiled frequently, as she possessed intended for this. Normally, she got provided him the many Tradeskills he essential.
Length: 10 secs
Pa.s.sive 1 – Mild Cleanse: Each and every affect towards a robust issue will cause a 30% all round security decrease and recovery is stressed by 50Percent.
Message: The ideal suction power focuses on are 500 at Ranking 1.
「Thunderbolt – Ornamental Merchandise
Lighting Manipulation
It includes reached its strongest condition and cannot be increased.」
Stability: 50,000/50,000
Given that she experienced already designed it to accommodate her Unique Business office, there seemed to be no alternation in model. The main difference was the fact that room appeared computer animated, and much better still, the non-active display screen came to existence.

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